Uttarakhand Government Jobs

Department that provides the latest Government jobs in Uttarakhand in 2024

Different departments and recruiting bodies under the Uttarakhand government set out adverts and organized hiring for different government jobs in Uttarakhand. Here are the main providers of the latest govt vacancy in Uttarakhand in 2024:

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC)

  • The most credited agency for Group A and B Uttarakhand Govt jobs office.
  • Organizes the tests for all-state civil service as well as those related to technical positions.
  • Human Resources will hire for administrative and senior-level positions.

Uttarakhand Lower Services Selection Commission

  • Assemble recruitment for group B and C government posts in Uttarakhand.
  • Recruitment for clerical jobs, teachers, and police constables (etc.) is part of our hiring plan.
  • Provider of the junior and mid-level Uttarakhand govt recruitment mainly.

Department of Medical Health & Family Welfare

  • Recruit medical specialties including doctors, nurses, and paramedics for the hospitals.
  • Applies that recent govt jobs in Uttarakhand have healthcare roles.

Directorate of Education

  • Hires new teachers and principals, and hires non-teaching staff, as well.
  • The main role of the government as the overall employer in the education sector in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Police Recruitment Board

  • Communicates rotations for police officer roles.
  • Keeps graduates updated with the newest job openings by governments for constables, sub-inspectors, etc.

Average salaries in Uttarakhand Govt Jobs

The remuneration charts for Uttarakhand Govt jobs are prepared accordingly under the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. The state government at regular intervals adjusts the salaries.

However, there is a band of around 21-27 thousand per month for the entry-level Group C government jobs in Uttarakhand like clerks, assistants, etc.

The starting salaries for the Group B positions, such as those of teachers and accountants in the Uttarakhand govt jobs can range between Rs.35,000 - Rs.60,000 monthly.

The posts that belong to the highest group, i.e., IAS, and IPS officers of Group A cadres get the highest salaries at above 1 lakh per month at the senior-most levels.

Why Uttarakhand Provides More Job opportunities than any other state

Uttarakhand is compensated by many employment opportunities provided by the state because of the establishment of considerable facilities in diverse sectors for growth and development. Here are some key factors:

  • 1.Also, widening opportunities like healthcare institutions, educational institutions, and courthouses.
  • 2.An everlasting discussion, primarily for the state police force.
  • 3.Upgrade focus on countryside development, involving roadwork and PPPs (public-private partnerships).
  • 4.The establishment of new universities, vocational centers, and institutions of learning is thus a good step towards the improvement of education in a country.
  • 5.The establishment of a recruitment section that would utilize their systems to fill vacancies across departments.

The government runs and functions under the premier of quick development. Since the demand for talent in the government sector is very high there are numerous vacancies in the government jobs in Uttarakhand. With this comes the creation of numerous employment sectors that can aptly harness the potential of the youth.

Minimum and Maximum Qualifications required for applying in Uttarakhand govt recruitment

The Uttarakhand govt job requirement can start from a high school pass mark to a bachelors degree depending on the post, which is different from one another.

To become a Group C level government employee in the state of Uttarakhand, the Class 10 or 12 completed level will be a minimum requirement for the positions of a clerk or a driver.

For engineering and technical positions, and bachelors degree is the precondition and the minimum requirement.

One must possess a degree and have some work experience at this corporate level in Group B supervisory roles.

For the Group A positions at the highest level, at least a Masters degree like an MBA, M.Tech, etc is required for the Government jobs in Uttarakhand.

On the contrary, almost all the designated maximum qualification levels include after-graduate degrees except in the case of a specially designated role like professor which requires a PhD.

Candidates have to compulsorily verify every level of education mentioned in the thoroughly detailed eligibility criteria mentioned in the official notification before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

The stage of Uttarakhand Govt. Recruitment involves written tests, job skills evaluation, interview sessions, and the verification of documents. The recruitment procedure may differ in which job role the selecting individual works in, and the recruiting department that handles the process.

Yes, most government jobs that are performed in Uttarakhand usually have age limits that are different depending on the job group and category. On the other hand, a reservation of age may also be provided to category-wise designated categories as prescribed by the State government’s policies.

As a Uttarakhand Govt Jobs aspirant, you can browse through the official website of the UKPSC or the department’s website for a job listing and apply accordingly. Such platforms are usually furnished with Government Job Notifications Uttarakhand as the front page while they also carry forth the step-by-step application information and the eligibility criteria.

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