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Future Work Trends

The new reality of work is here. Learn how to chart your course to success.

Our world is transforming. From shifting industries and remote work to social unrest and economic uncertainty, it’s time to plan for what the future holds for your business—and for your most valuable asset, your workers. Deloitte and ServiceNow are helping re-architect work, with human focus at the forefront, so you can thrive today and for years to come.

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Job Trends

This Job Study is a holistic analysis of the Indian Analytics and Data Science jobs and skills landscape. This study/report covers the top job trends in the analytics space, specifically open jobs at a given point in time. It provides a detailed break-up and analysis of jobs by certain criteria, such as cities, industries, experience levels, technologies/tools, and salary hierarchies. The report provides details and analysis of the types of companies that are recruiting key talent in the data science domain. The report identifies reasons for significant shifts or changes in hiring trends across the criteria defined above.

Open Data Science Jobs Trend (April 2014 to June 2021)
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