Average Salary For Different Posts

Located in the heart of Northern India, Uttar Pradesh offers a rich heritage, diversity, and opportunity to those looking for government jobs in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the most populous and historically significant states, it has a plethora of interesting prospects for public services. The government jobs in the state provide stability, growth, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to the state’s development.

Let us have a quick look at the average salary for different posts in govt jobs in UP.

Average Salary For Different Posts

DesignationExperience (in years) Average Annual Salary (INR)
Medical Officer0-129.2 lakh
Assistant Teacher1-197.1 lakh
Computer Operator 0-4 2 lakh
Lecturer4-126.5 lakh
Accountant1-102.1 lakh
Consultant Engineer 0-67.3 lakh
Administration Executive 2-263.6 lakh
Account Assistant4-74.9 lakh
School Principal 2-338.1 lakh
Veterinary Office9-2010.7 lakh
Assistant Engineer1-314.8 lakh
Primary Teacher1-5 5.7 lakh
Computer Teacher4-93 lakh
Office Assistant4-123.9 lakh
District Coordinator5-83.9 lakh
School Teacher2-30 7.1 lakh
Government Officer 1-107.5 lakh
Police Constable0-74.9 lakh
Junior Engineer3-124.7 lakh
Assistant Professor0-2 9.2 lakh
Accountant DEO 0-22.2 lakh
Training Officer7-128 lakh
Technical Assistant3-83.5 lakh
Civil Site Engineer1-4 1.3 lakh
Clerk 0-63.5 lakh
Chemistry Lecturer6-87 lakh
Senior Assistant8-175.8 lakh
Researcher1-44.5 lakh
Assistant Development Officer2-315.4 lakh
District Consultant9 years4-4.2 lakh
Staff Nurse3-7 0.3-4.2 lakh
PGT Teacher5-82.1 lakh
RMO1-39 lakh
Government Job1-3 3-3.6 lakh
Registrar27-3112-20 lakh
Stenographer5 4.2 lakh
PHP Programmer1-22.1-4.1 lakh
General Manager Administration 25-2715 lakh
Data Entry Operator 4-5 1.4-1.7 lakh
Freelancer4-5 3.7 lakh
Junior Engineer Civil 4-124.8-6.2 lakh
Consultant Physician 2-2518-96 lakh
Electrical Engineer5-72.5 lakh
Junior Assistant1.4 4-4.4 lakh
Lecturer Computer Science 9-1010.5-12.2 lakh
Maths Teacher4-97.2-7.9 lakh
Constable3-43.5 lakh
Accounts Clerk5-80.3 lakh
Medical Superintendent5-1910.8-32.5 lakh
Consultant Pathologist1-2 17 lakh
Documentation Executive2-4 4-4.5 lakh
Excise Officer8-13 7.2-8 lakh
Chief Engineer10-24 10.5-16 lakh
Sub Inspector 5-13 14.5-60 lakh
Principal 20-31 10-12 lakh
Office Assistant Computer Operator0-30.3-2.4 lakh
Agriculture Officer0-45-7.8 lakh
Fireman1-50.3-1 lakh
Middle School Teacher0-41.2 lakh
Agriculture Technical Assistant3-5 3.6-4.6 lakh
Assistant Engineer Office2-53.1-10 lakh
Central Warehouse Manager2-48 lakh
Consolidation Accountant 6-74-5 lakh
Additional Director4-3124-30 lakh
Gynaecologist 8-121 lakh
Computer Operator & Clerk3-80.3-3.5 lakh
Upper Division Clerk 20-215.1-6.6 lakh
Assistant Commissioner5-810 lakh
Teaching Faculty224.5-13 lakh
Farm Manager1-311.5-12 lakh
TGT Teacher0-67.8-8.4 lakh
General Surgeon2-72.6-25 lakh
IT Expert2510.4 lakh to 1.4 crore
Retired Superintending Engineer31-3324.4 lakh
Primary School Teacher5-105-7 lakh
Medical Officer Incharge3-412 lakh
Professor2 18-22 lakh
Sales Executive7 2.2-2.6 lakh
TGT Maths Teacher102.7-3.3 lakh
Additional Programme Officer143-3.7 lakh
Pensioner254.1-5 lakh
District Resource Person149.1-11.1 lakh
Sanskrit Lecturer319.9-12.1 lakh
Trainee Site EngineerFresher 1.4-1.7 lakh
Hindi Typist43.2-3.9 lakh
Data Scientist 2 5.4-6.6 lakh
Content StrategistFresher 0.2-0.3 lakh
Agriculture Extension Officer3 5.4-6.6 lakh
Boxing Coach2 4.1-5 lakh
Personal Assistant2843.2-52.8 lakh
Audit Assistant5 3.8-4.6 lakh
BHMS Doctor94.5-5.5 lakh
PGT English Teacher 174.5-5.5 lakh
Office Worker210.1 lakh
MBBS Doctor 2 10.8-13.2 lakh
Retired Executive Engineer 3116.2-19.8 lakh
PGT Physics Teacher 8 6.3-7.7 lakh
Associate Professor6 21.6-26.4 lakh
E District Manager7 2.5-3.1 lakh
MIS Executive 50.2 lakh
Junior Accountant5 1.4-1.7 lakh
Coordinator46.3-7.7 lakh
Project Coordinator220.2-0.3 lakh
Director3127-33 lakh
Supervisor2 1.7-2.1 lakh
Senior Architect3127-33 lakh
Additional General Manager313.3-16.2 lakh
District Manager186.5-7.9 lakh
PA3111.7-14.3 lakh
Administration Officer3121.6-26.4 lakh
OSD116.4-20 lakh
IT Project Manage103.6-4.4 lakh
Vice President Operations280.5-0.7 lakh
Teaching Staff 126.3-7.7 lakh
Independent Consultant1119.8-24.2 lakh
Development OfficerNA9.9-12.1 lakh
Senior Consultant309-11 lakh
Deputy Director1211.7-14.3 lakh
Business Consultant8 8.1-9.9 lakh
Doctor109-11 lakh
Computer Administrator200.2-0.3 lakh
Civil Engineer234.3-5.3 lakh
Store Keeper95.4-6.6 lakh
SDMFresher 6.3-7.7 lakh
Computer Operator/Data Entry OperatorFresher 0.1-0.2 lakh
Computer Instructor 8 2-2.4 lakh
Biomedical Engineer85.4-6.6 lakh
Pharmacist177.2-8.8 lakh
Casualty Medical OfficerFresher 0.7-0.9 lakh
Assistant Project Manager 9 4.5-5.5 lakh
District Programmer Manager137.2-8.8 lakh
Headmaster4 6.3-7.7 lakh
Nursery & Primary TeacherFresher 0.1 lakh
Joint Director2418-22 lakh
Biologist279-11 lakh


The government jobs in Uttar Pradesh offer a wide range of career options, with promising salaries and stability. The salaries are aligned well with the experience and position. They are competitive and attractive enough to get the attention of all the applicants from the region. Listed above are excellent job positions, with years of experience and the appropriate salaries. If you are looking for government jobs in Uttar Pradesh, then visit Rozgar.com to check and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salaries for government jobs in Uttar Pradesh are determined based on various factors such as the candidate's level of experience, the specific job role, educational qualifications, and the department or organisation offering the position. Additionally, salaries may also be influenced by market trends, government regulations, and budgetary considerations.

To stay updated about the latest government job openings in Uttar Pradesh, candidates can regularly visit the official websites of relevant government departments, recruitment agencies, and employment portals. Additionally, subscribing to job alert services, following social media accounts of government agencies, and regularly checking newspapers for job advertisements can also help candidates stay informed about new job opportunities.

No, government jobs in Uttar Pradesh are available for candidates with diverse educational backgrounds and skill sets. While certain positions may require specific educational qualifications or professional certifications, there are also opportunities available for candidates with varying levels of educational attainment, including graduates, postgraduates, and diploma holders. Additionally, government departments often provide training and skill development programs to enhance the employability of candidates from different educational backgrounds.

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