Feeling confused about your career plans after graduation is a common thing. A person may feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed. If you are currently experiencing these emotions as to what to pursue as career options after BBA, you are not alone. Many college students go through the same transition toward the end of college. If you have pursued BBA, and exploring potential career growth, rest assured there is a pool of opportunities available.


What is BBA Course?

BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) is one of the most sought-after courses after intermediate. It is a management degree in graduation that offers a wide array of employment opportunities in administration, banking, finance, marketing, or sales.


The BBA curriculum stands out from other courses because they offer a different approach to learning. Other than theoretical classes, this course makes the students aware of the exposure to the job market.

During the course, they are given practical knowledge of business leadership, management, and entrepreneur skills through different mediums like case studies, presentations, problem-solving, internships, industry training, and more. 

Now that you know what is BBA program is, lets discuss what BBA job opportunities are there after the completion of the course.

What are the Best 6 Career Options after BBA in 2023?

  • MBA
  • Government Job Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Sales Executive
  • Human Resource Management

1. MBA 

MBA is an all-time favorite career option pursued by the majority of management graduates. It is a 2-year-old professional degree that has a curriculum of business, administration, managerial, and management skills.

This course is known to give a holistic approach to business with a specialization in marketing, finance, human resource management, business operations, and more.

Future Scope

With an MBA, you can pursue leadership skills in different organizations across several industries. Job seekers can look through job opportunities in hospitality, brand management, recruitment, sales & marketing, banking, and media management.

Minimum Eligibility


To be eligible for pursuing an MBA program, you need to have a bachelors degree in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks. You can take admitted to any government-recognized university by either giving CAT ( common admission test) or appearing for the respective college admission test. 

Salary after MBA finance Source

2. Government Job Opportunities 

With the rise of globalization and the widespread use of technologies, there are numerous career opportunities after a BBA degree. It is a highly valuable course that does not only have job offers in corporate but also government sectors. 

After completing graduation with BBA, students can apply for government exams like civil service, IBPS PO exam, police sub-inspector jobs, defense services, and more. When it comes to government exams, the local administration issues an official notice and administers a written test. Candidates who pass the written test are then invited to proceed to a personal interview stage.

Future Scope


The scope of government jobs in India has always been high and it will continue to be in the future. To meet the growing demand for employment because of the rise in population, the government is taking initiatives to venture into new businesses. 

Securing government jobs in India comes with numerous benefits like job security, a relaxed work environment, handsome salaries, PF & gratuity, accommodation and traveling compensation, and more. 

Minimum Eligibility


The basic eligibility to crack government exams requires a graduation degree from any government-recognized university. 

3. Digital Marketing


The future of a digital marketing professional is quite bright as a career after a BBA degree. Marketing techniques have evolved in India which has shifted digital marketing to a new level. Digital marketing helps brands to reach their global audience online. 

Companies across the globe hire digital marketing professionals to target their audiences and create an internet presence. Businesses leverage the database available to target their audiences and run different digital marketing campaigns for faster and greater ROI.

Future Scope

The main objective behind building a digital marketing team is to increase the overall presence of the brand and to drive online traffic. This is why a company may require a broad spectrum of talents in the team. If you have top-notch writing skills then you can consider a content writing role.

If marketing is your forte, you can explore email marketing jobs. Other trending roles in digital marketing are SEO specialist, digital marketing manager, social media marketing, and more. 

Minimum Eligibility

The minimum eligibility to pursue digital marketing job roles is to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any relevant field. 

Average content marketing manager salary Source

4. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a field that involves analyzing data to gain insights that can enhance business operations, help with better decision-making, minimize expenses, and boost profit. 

The importance of business analytics as a career option after BBA is on the rise as companies aim to stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability. The scope of business analytics is vast and this industry will continue to grow as technology improves and demand for data-driven decision-making will be in demand. 

Future Scope

Right now career roles in business analytics are booming. Top career roles in business analytics include business analyst who is responsible to look for the scope of improvement in the company’s products, processes, and services. Candidates can also apply for data analyst roles, supply chain analysts, or marketing analysts. 

Minimum Eligibility


A bachelor’s degree in a related field like statistics, computer science, or mathematics. 

5. Sales Executive 

The role of a sales executive is to grow the sales of the business by implementing strategies that help with generating business revenue. They are responsible to approach and retain customers, pitch the products or services to the target audience, address customer queries, and convince customers to make buying decisions. 

Sales executives also take up the marketing role to conduct their research and identify new business ideas by leveraging their understanding of the target audience’s interests. 

Future Scope

The market holds great potential for BBA job opportunities and every company requires talented individuals for this profile in their sales and marketing divisions. Currently, there are numerous jobs available in the marketing and sales industry.

Many of these positions require skills like direct interaction with the audience, personal marketing, and branding along with great communication skills and a confident personality. 

Minimum Eligibility


Bachelor’s or master’s degree with a specialization in marketing, advertising, or sales. 

6. Human Resource Management 

The field of human resource management is vast and extensive. It includes activities like screening resumes, conducting interviews, onboarding, training, and development. An efficient workforce is important for the success of every company and this falls under the responsibility of human resource management.

They are responsible to hire the best candidates with the right skill sets and talent. Moreover, they must also provide employees with the required support and training to make them productive at work. 

Future Scope

Various career paths in human resource management help with recruitment, training, management, and employee well-being. If you are planning to pursue roles in recruitment as career options after BBA then you can opt for roles like human resource executive, IT and non-IT recruiter, employee relation manager, and more. 

Minimum Eligibility


To start your career in this field, you need to at least have a graduate degree in any relevant field or an MBA in human resource management. 

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The Bottom Line 

During BBA, students have a plethora of options available as a career after a BBA degree to polish their soft skills. Young graduates get exposed to numerous career options along with learning core business administration, personal development, and more. The salaries of these jobs differ from industry to industry, the skill set requirement remains the same. Overall, the career ladder for BBA graduates in 2023 looks promising and bright. 

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