Top 20 Companies That Provide Remote Jobs in 2024

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the progress of those who work remotely not only in India but worldwide. According to a recent survey, over 65% of jobs in Indian companies are remote working roles for many jobs. That contributed to new work-from-home chances for job seekers who wanted Remote Jobs in India for companies with good reputations, without having to relocate.

Here are the top Companies That Provide Remote Jobs in 2024:

Top 20 Companies That Provide Remote Jobs

1. Amazon

The online juggernaut Amazon employs people for various positions such as software engineers, software solutions architects, account managers, and others on different teams. Benefits like health insurance, 401 K, match, and paid time off are some of the most important ones. Remote employees are allowed to gain skills through the provision of training programs. The Software Engineers at Amazon where they work virtually earn an average monthly salary of between ₹12 - 18 lakhs per annum.

2. Airtel

Airtel Telecom company offers Remote Jobs in India to experts from different fields like digital marketing executives, cloud architects, product managers, DevOps engineers, etc. in technology development, marketing, and operations. The main advantages are health insurance, wellness plans, parental leave, and retirement planning for future security. The common salary is ₹10-15 lakhs for an annual remote digital marketing job.

3. Dell

Dell offers roles like pre-sales technical consultants, software engineers and IT support executives which are full-time and contracted for the varied operations of the company namely technology, sales, and support functions in India. The benefits include insurance coverage, paid leave, an internal discount on goods and services, and access to learning programs. The median wage of a remote presales consultant ranges between ₹7 and ₹12 lakhs per annum.

4. Swiggy

Platforms like Swiggy hire people to work from home in various roles such as Marketing, Operations, Business Development, and Engineering. Apart from that, insurance, health allowance, parental leave, and learning stipends are advantages. The average salary scale will range from ₹6 - 15 lakhs PA (per annum) for different remote roles in various departments of the business.

5. Zoho

Zoho, a technology company, has vacancies for both QA engineers and software engineers like SaaS developers, mobile app developers, and so on, in the engineering department. Advantages involve insurance coverage, vacation days, employees’ stock options, and provision of training activities. The annual salary range of remote job developers is between 8 to 15 lakhs.

6. GitHub

The Software Development Platform makes it possible for software developers, product managers, and designers working in the technology industry, to work remotely. Benefits include paid vacation, health insurance packages, revenue matching, and a variety of educational programs. The average salary across remote engineering roles is around ₹15 lakhs per annum.

7. Paytm

The fintech company, Paytm, gives remote working choices to technology professionals like developers in Node.js, developers in React Native, and DevOps engineers who are a part of the engineering department. Perks involve health care, flexible working hours, stock options, certification courses, and competitive salaries. On average, the remote developer makes 10 - 18 lakh rupees annually.

8. Walmart Labs

@walmartlabs, tech counterpart to Walmart, recruit remote software developers, mobile app developers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, etc. apart from other tech jobs. These advantages include parental weekends, life and disability insurance, health insurance, and access to training programs. The average salary might range between ₹13 to 20 lakhs per annum in the remote tech profession.

9. Ola

To mention, Ola is also an e-platform that has a people-sharing feature, thus Ola’s technology division has remote openings for Android developers, frontend engineers, product designers, program managers, etc. Advantages include health coverage, paid vacations, stocks, and learning honorariums. On average, the salary per year paid to remote technology roles is about ₹10 - 18 lakhs.

10. Anthropic

At an Anthropic AI startup, both remote working and technology roles that use a lot of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are available. Advantages are stock options, health-care packages, paid leave, and the possibilities offered by learning resources. Remote AI professionals salary-wise are in the bracket of lakhs between ₹15 -lakhs per year.

11. BrowserStack

As a global company, the browser-testing platform BrowserStack also has the needs of a distant team member in different departments – sales, marketing, product, and engineering. A range of benefits like medical insurance, retirement plans, job security, skill enhancement programs, and paid time off are a few notable ones. The average income level is between ₹10 - 20 lakhs PA for independent positions.

12. Zerodha Fintech

Startup Zerodha has vacant posts at remote places in the domains of technology, operations, and marketing to bridge the gaps across divisions. While the perks include health plans, ELOS, ESOPs, and learning accessibility programs. The average salary is somewhere around ₹10 - 15 lacs per annum for jobs such as remote engineering, design, and writing.

13. Flipkart

As a part of the renowned E-commerce giant Flipkart, the organization offers a flexible remote working environment not only in the engineering and product design domains but also in the supply chain and other areas. Some of the benefits include insurance health coverage, vacation time, and discounts on products as well as participation in training programs. An average person is entitled to ₹10 - 20 lakhs per annum as a salary pay for a remote position.

14. Netflix

Netflix is a big entertainment brand with a remote workplace for data science, engineering departments, marketing, finance, as well as other positions. There are different types of benefits; these comprise unlimited holidays, years of maternity, 401K matching, and learning stipends. Netflix remote job holders for technology have an average of ₹20-30 lakhs per annum.

15. Airtel X Labs

The in-house Innovation team of Airtel, called ‘X Labs’, connects to remote engineers and product people for engineering and product responsibilities in the tech domain. Benefits are covered for medical care, flexible time for work, stock incentives plus the opportunity to learn that comes with the job. On average, a Remote Technology Professional has a Pay Scale that is between ₹15 - 22 lakh per annum.

16. Adobe

Adobes workflow includes outside jobs in marketing software (for digital market experts), data science (for data scientists), software architecture (for software architects), and sales (for sales professionals). Among the benefits are medical and life insurance policies, unlimited time off grants, an employee stock purchase plan, and access to specialized training programs. The quality salary would be between 15 to 25 lakhs per annum for remote jobs.

17. VMware

Technology company Vmware helps implement remote jobs in India for different tech pros such as cloud computing experts, software developers, IT architects, etc. So, they take care of the team through, for example, saving for retirement plans, paid vacations, equity incentives, and learning support. As compared to in-office jobs, the average pay ranges from ₹15-22 lakhs per year for remote jobs.

18. Atlassian

The Atlassian group of software collaboration companies, has job openings in the form of remote offerings in the range of product managers, designers, account executives, etc across the departments. Such things as insurance coverage, paid time off, and equity compensation are a few examples of benefits. In addition, employees can expect to receive training.

19. Intuit

Intuit Financial software company Intuit hires remote workers in India for software development, QA testing, and cybersecurity roles in technology. Benefits include retirement plans, parental leave, healthcare coverage, and learning stipends. The average pay scale is ₹10 - 18 lakhs per annum for remote technology professionals.


Autodesk Design software giant Autodesk has remote job openings for roles in sales, consulting, engineering, and operations across divisions. Benefits include health insurance, paid time off, equity incentives, and access to training resources. The average salary range is ₹10 - 20 lakhs per annum.

Advice on How to Get a Remote Job in India

Here are some useful tips for job seekers to find suitable remote jobs in India:

  • Change your cover page, using skills required to be a remote worker such as communication, teamwork, discipline, time management, and so on.
  • Job hunts on top virtual job websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, AngelList, and Flexjobs are also required alongside a company career page.
  • Engage your professional contacts through social media and let them know the career path you want includes remote employment.
  • Make no doubt that it is remote work that you prefer to mention in your application form and at the interview.
  • Acquire skillsets that are usually done for remote works such as programming, digital marketing, AI, product, etc.
  • Set up a portfolio to showcase your own sampled professional work that you have completed when working remotely as a freelancer, intern, etc.
  • Engage in online communities in your discipline which will attract many people to establish connections that will further enhance your professional network.
  • Among other things, take a look at online courses and carry out certifications that will have a direct effect on your talents for working remotely.

Average Salary Ranges for Remote Jobs in Key Domains

The typical pay ranges for remote jobs in India in major professional areas are summarized below for the year 2024.

DomainAverage Salary Range
Technology (Engineering, AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity etc.)₹10 - 25 lakhs per annum
Marketing & Sales₹6 - 15 lakhs per annum
Operations & Supply Chain₹5 - 12 lakhs per annum
Design (UX/UI, Visual Design, Product Design, etc.)₹5 - 15 lakhs per annum
Finance & Accounting₹5 - 10 lakhs per annum
Customer Service₹3 - 8 lakhs per annum
Content Writing & Translation₹2 - 5 lakhs per annum

Technology and digital marketing have some of the best remote jobs in India currently available. Unfortunately, but still, roles and functions distributed in the remote mode grow rapidly within different markets.

Latest Category Jobs
Job InformationApply Job

Content Writer Executive(0-1 years)

Marketing Executive(0-3 years)

Content Writer(1-5 years)

Marketing Executive(1-4 years)

Digital Marketing Manager(2-7 years)

Sales And Marketing Manager(2-7 years)


The phenomena of remote work are changing global cooperation in business by giving opportunities to the leading companies of all sectors to find talent around the world, not just the place where the organization is situated. This offers an advantage to the job seeker to be in a position to work with some of the coolest companies in the country alongside their peers who are located in different cities or even in a faraway country.

For instance, is also one platform that offers a wide range of remote jobs in India, openings in various fields of work to assist job seekers in choosing jobs that fit their skillsets and interests which are available away from the office. The advent of Remote Work means many new career paths and job roles will evolve in India which will be part of the Future of Work in the future decades coming up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key benefits of remote jobs in India is that they afford a flexible nature of work which enable to achieve a work-life balance. It is also providing chance that fit in the strangers time and distance while allow to repoint the time being used to travel. Aside from that, remote workers are also able to put aside in their way money spent on traveling, food and office clothing.

Communication, collaboration, time management, self-motivation and adaptability are some abilities that best fit remote positions. It is a fact that technical capabilities in the areas of programming, AI/ML, cloud computing, data science, and digital marketing are also listed among the list of desired skills for technology and marketing remote positions.

Be it remote internships or apprenticeships, freshers can easily hunt for opportunities on platforms like, Lets Intern and Freshers world that can lead to their first ever remote working experience. Mastering the portfolios of techs occasionally at remote can also help. Political certifications and skills training could change chances.

Some of the top platforms comprise LinkedIn, AngelList, Flex jobs, Remote Work India, We Work Remotely and Organizations' specific career pages. In pursuit of remote work, aspiring professionals should harness not only their professional networks but also the job placement cell of their college.

Underline the work on debating the skills of communication, teamwork, and time management. Make a calm and comfortable room available along with a good internet connection and quality lighting for video conferences. Study both companies and you will be appointed role extensively just before the interview. Have an idea of what is expected of you as a remote worker because you will probably be asked questions about it.

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