List of high-salary government jobs after 12th for Females

About the job front in present-day generations, young women who have completed the 12th Standard is eyeing the government sector as an avenue that would afford them safe and highly paid-jobs . Extending the information given earlier, let us discuss the top 10 High-salary government jobs after the 12th for females, which not only provides a good pay package but also the honor of serving the country.

Why Choose Government Jobs After 12th?

Before diving into the roles, let us recap why government jobs after the 12th Females are so appealing:

  • Job Security:It is common knowledge that government jobs provide better security.
  • Work-Life Balance:There are provisions for working hours, and almost all posts mostly have a limited number of working hours based on some specific conditions.
  • Women-Friendly Policies:Maternity leave and childcare or creche facilities for employees.
  • Respect and Prestige:The people of a society hold the employees of a government organization in high esteem.
  • Pension Benefits:‘A guaranteed and secure post retirement life’.

High-salary government jobs after 12th for female

Now, lets take a closer look at the top ten high-salary government jobs after the 12th for females.

1. Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer

The operation of our Indian Railways is a Wanderer’s dream, and officers belonging to IRTS are working day and night to operate it.

    Role and Responsibilities

  • Simulating train movements will prevent the passengers from getting harmed.
  • Overseeing freight operations
  • Implementing new technologies for better service
  • How to Apply

  • Clear the UPSC Civil Services Exam
  • Choose IRTS as your service preference.
  • Why it is Great for Females: The safety and well-being of women employees have been on the railway’s radar for quite some time now since launching the Indian Railways, which has been quite successful in this initiative.

2. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax

There are wonderful government jobs after the 12th for females in high-paid posts. The Information Center also directs it to the Assistant Commissioner, who has the responsibility of ensuring the financial sustenance of the nation.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Income tax, collection techniques, and the impact of tax laws.
  • Conducting audits and investigations
  • Providing taxpayer service
  • How to Apply

  • Clear the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam conducted by SSC.
  • Select the Income Tax Department with your choices.
  • Why it is Great for Females: One major advantage of this job is that it can involve both paperwork and going out to make site visits. It will therefore suit women who enjoy both sitting at a desk, thinking through problems or negotiations, and also speaking with different people

3. Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

Some of the best high-salary government jobs after the 12th for females include Bank of Baroda, PNB, SBI, ICICI, Axis, and more.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Managing bank operations
  • Handling customer relations
  • Making decisions on loans and investments
  • How to Apply

  • Clear the IBPS PO or SBI PO exam.
  • Qualify the interview and group discussion rounds.
  • Why it is Great for Females: Banking jobs provide a good and respectable working climate, better pay packages, and employability in a promotional chain right up to the executive level.

4. Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in Central Secretariat

These are in the Responsibilities government jobs and they function as implementers of policy within the government framework.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Assisting in policy formulation
  • Managing government records
  • Coordinating between different departments
  • How to Apply:

  • It is often necessary to clear the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam by SSC
  • Choose ASO in your preferences
  • Why it is Great for Females: This is one of the highest-paid government jobs after the 12th for females, which allows an individual to work in Delhi and shape the policies of the nation.

5. Sub-Inspector in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs)

For women who are interested in adventurous tasks and wish to join any of the CAPFs especially to serve the nation directly CISF, CRPF, and BSF are the options.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining law and order
  • Vetting of terrorists and insurgents and patrol of security borders
  • Managing constables and supervising their work
  • How to Apply:

  • Clear the CAPF exam conducted by SSC
  • Pass physical tests and interviews
  • Why it is Great for Females:Many CAPFs are now appointing women to diversify the force and enhance public relations. But it has become one of the most fulfilling and prestigious professions to pursue.

6. Assistant Controller in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

The DGCA stands for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and is an Indian government company. As an Assistant Controller in the leading role, you will contribute to maintaining the safety and productivity of the airspace over India.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Issuing of licenses for aviators and aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Carrying out safety ratings of airlines
  • Investigating aircraft incidents and accidents
  • How to Apply

  • Secure top rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam
  • Set your preferences on the Indian Civil Aviation Service
  • Why it is Great for Females:Females: This position is ideal for a candidate with technical know-how production expertise and management experience. Being one of those High-salary government jobs after the 12th for females, it offers you the opportunity to travel and meet other professionals.

7. Statistical Investigator at the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI)

Today the need for managing policies based on data has become significantly important, and MOSPI fulfills this requirement. As a Statistical Investigator, you will play a critical role in fielding surveys that will be used in determining national policies.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Designing and conducting surveys
  • interpreting the statistical figures related to economy and social aspects
  • Preparing reports for policymakers
  • How to Apply:

  • Clear the SSC Statistical Investigator Grade-II exam
  • Why it is Great for Females:If you are good at figuring and prefer field work then this is one of the best government jobs after the 12th for females. It provides anopportunity to run a socio-economic geography of India and journey across different states.

8. Assistant Manager at Food Corporation of India (FCI)

FCI is very important for India and in maintaining the food security of the country. At times, you may not be the one directly handling food, but as an Assistant Manager you will be part of a chain that sees food reach every part of the nation.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Managing storage and distribution of food grains
  • Overseeing quality control
  • Implementing technology for supply chain management
  • How to Apply

  • Clear FCI Assistant Grade-III exam
  • Why it is Great for Females:This position requires a combination of bonagerial plus technical work experience. One is those high paid government jobs immediately after 12th standard, which is indeed very beneficial to so many people, especially in the rural areas, as this particular job does.

9. Junior Engineer at Central Public Works Department (CPWD) (PO)

CPWD is engaged in the construction and civil maintenance of constructions belonging to government departments and other establishments. This story will help you become a professional and, along the line, shape India’s touted development success story as a Junior Engineer .

Role and Responsibilities

  • Supervising construction projects
  • Preparing estimates and tenders
  • Ensuring quality and safety standards
  • How to Apply:

  • Clear the SSC Junior Engineer exam
  • Why it is Great for Females: This field is slowly starting to accept women. It is a high-salary government course to do after the 12th for females, and it has both offshore and fieldwork faculty.

10. Meteorologist at India Meteorological Department (IMD)

So, in light of other climate changes, the functioning of the IMD is more important than ever before. As a Meteorologist, you will be an expert in forecasting the weather, thanks to the latest technologies you’re likely to encounter on the job.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing weather data using AI and machine learning
  • Issuing weather forecasts and warnings
  • Contributing to climate change studies
  • How to Apply:

  • Clear the UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist exam
  • Why it is Great for Females: As with many technical careers, this role is ideal for anybody that has a love for science and technology. This is one of the High salary government jobs after 12th for female or after completing your education that enable one to work with latest technology and also fight climate change.


When going through the year 2024, these high-scale government jobs after 12th for females are growing exponentially. From AI Researcher at C-DAC, Advanced Research Fellow at IIT-Delhi, Senior IT Engineer at BARC, and numerous others Assistant Manager at FCI group, positions within the tech industry provide comparatively higher paychecks, job stability, and an opportunity to contribute to the future of the country. The salaries offered by these organizations vary between a range of 5 to 20 lakhs per annum and progressive policies and work culture encouragement for women, thus making these roles not merely , and receiving these new opportunities, young women can break the glass ceiling and create a progressive change in government field personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many state governments and organizations that recruit scholars for exam preparation, especially for those who belong to the economically weaker sections.

Definitely, anyone can apply for as many as they would wish depending on the requirements offered. On the contrary, they suggest you should perform better and raise your odds.

Yes, the fact is that many positions already have quotas that ban sexism by reserving some percentage of seats for women.

That depends on the process of document verification, medical examinations, and training; it may take about 6 months to 2 years of apprenticeship.

Yes, it is possibly true that to many departments encourage higher education and offers study leave or opportunity to study while working for the betterment of the career.

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