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A country like India where women still access the workplaces of formal jobs is a clear illustration of why government employment serves as a secure and lucrative job market for women if they are looking for employment. There does not exist any difference between Uttar Pradesh and the rest of the states in this context, i.e. suitability of jobs in government for women in the fields above. In this article, we discuss the Top 10 Uttar Pradesh Govt Jobs for Women, to cover not only the job description and obligation expected thereof but also the average payment.

Top 10 Uttar Pradesh Govt Jobs For Women

Here are the Top 10 Uttar Pradesh Govt Jobs For Women:

1. Police Constable (UP Police)

The gender ratio in law enforcement remains imbalanced in most parts of the world- However, Uttar Pradesh Police are actively recruiting women constables to encourage a gender-balanced force. Detectives as they are known form the backbone of the police department as they are responsible for restoring law and order, conducting investigations, and making the public safe. The initial compensation of a police constable in UP is roughly INR 20,000 - 25,000 per month with an increase in pay due to regular step-ups. The amount depends on how well one has done on the job and how much experience one has.

2. Primary School Teacher, Shiksha Mitras (Basic Education Department)

One of the competencies of the childcare center is the Basic Education Department which recruits primary school teachers in Uttar Pradesh. Women teachers exemplify the path to change in the earth of young students and academic lifes character. The class I primary school teacher salary in UP is in the range of INR 15,000 - INR 20,000 and a primary school teacher can avail opportunities for promotion and other higher pay scales depending on their qualification, experience, and performance.

3. Clerk (Every Department of Government)

Such government departmental departments as revenue, health, education, and administration, provide offices for clerk positions. The women clerks take part in key processes of recording, data entry, as well as administrative duties. The base salary of clerks in UP has a range of INR 18,000 - 25,000 per month and salary increments are likely after every year. Moreover, the promotional chances are also available.

4. Stenographers (Different Departments in Uttar Pradesh)

The government departments in Uttar Pradesh are in desperate need of stenographers. The literal meaning of stenographers is "those who write short." As such, these professionals have the incredible ability to record and transform important government meetings and hearings into legible and contemporary documents. Such women with the ability to type and permit methods of shorthand will be excellent at this job. A newly recruited stenographer in UP gets between INR 20,000 and 30,000 per month, as per job grade. Promotion of merit and job growth is the norm in the future.

Uttar Pradesh Govt Jobs For Women

5. Assistant Teacher (Secondary Education Department)

Subject to appointment is Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, which is for particular sections, these positions are occasionally vacant in the Secondary Education Department of Uttar Pradesh. Female educators with a key set of skills and a deep passion for teaching and education can chalk it out as a rewarding choice of their career. The net salary of an assistant teacher in UP is just One lakh to One and a half lakh rupees per month, with the chances to be increased to a higher pay scale.

6. Health Department (of the UP)

The Health Department (of the UP) employs a very large number of women nurses who manage the provision of quality services to the public alongside the rest of the team. Medicine in UP for nurses covers a wide range of grades of such hospitals, clinics, and health centers. The initial monthly wage of nurses in UP lies within INR 25,000 – 30,000, while benefits such as allowances and remuneration are added which is based on the level of years of experience and specialized qualification.

7. Govt Women and Child Development Department (UP)

The Govt of Women and Child Development of Uttar Pradesh uses Anganwadi workers services, who manage the implementation of various governance policies, including those related to maternal and child health, nutrition, and early age education, respectively. Women who possess the enthusiasm to work in the social sector and have a compromise to development are the most fit for the job in the social work field. The salary of an Anganwadi worker in UP is around INR 10,000-15,000 per month and additional perks are also enjoyed.

8. Revenue Inspector (Department of Revenue)

The Revenue Department of Uttar Pradesh utilizes revenue inspectors who are the main points of reference for keeping land documents up to date, collecting taxes, and settling land and property disputes. Women who possess a strong administrative work interest and are very keen on detail can do well in this field. The revenues inspector in UP starts with around INR 25,000 - 35,000 per month as a wage. Their wages will increase further with experience and good performance allowing them to move to a higher pay scale.

9. Laboratory Technician (Health Department)

The health department of UP requires laboratory technicians to assist in the conduct of diverse laboratory tests and investigations. Women with medical laboratory tech. or similar qualifications can apply for jobs in this field and find gratification. An initial salary of INR 20,000 to INR 30,000 per month with upgraded salaries based on the rate of experience and qualifications is the monthly pay for a laboratory technician in UP.

10. Data Entry Operator (During Various Government Departments)

The services of data entry operators are in demand by several government departments in the state of Uttar Pradesh because this profession involves the operation of automated systems that are in charge of the maintenance of the correct and up-to-date records. Smart girls and those with good eyesight and attention to detail are very likely to succeed in this job. A data entry operator in UP often gets started with an actuary salary of around INR 15,000 - 20,000 per month, with the possibility of better compensation and higher tariffs depending on their performance and expertise.


All women can find a job within the wide spectrum of governmental departments, in such areas as education, healthcare, administration, and law enforcement. These Uttar Pradesh Govt Jobs For Women do not only offer these women financial independence, but they also sustain the domination and representation of the female gender in the workplace. Competitive salaries, job guarantees, and career growth opportunities attract women in need of rewarding careers so these govt jobs for women become the aspiration. When in need of overall news on vacant posts in government, log on to, a reliable web portal providing employment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Education qualification must vary with the designation of the job, but a high school diploma or undergraduate degree is necessary for the majority of government positions in Uttar Pradesh.

For sure, most of the empowerments notified have age limits mentioned, usually ranging from 18 to 40 years, though there are certain exceptions like reserved quota or ex-servicemen.

More than the majority of the vacancies within the government service in Uttar Pradesh are made known through official notices or the local newspaper of employment. Applications can be filed directly by current or potential job seekers as they may be required to apply through online channels or designated ones that will be mentioned in the notification.

There is all hope that the Uttar Pradesh government supports a reservation program for women and other dwindling groups in the various sectors of government jobs to afford equal opportunities and fair representation.

Employment with the government in the state has a remedy in employment security, a steady flow of income, opportunities for promotion, and retirement benefits, health covers, leave accumulation.

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